Main Meeting 6:30PM
Wednesday April 2, 2014
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Columbia Airport
110 McSwain Drive, West Columbia, SC
"Personality Profiling & “Mini-Mastermind” Sessions with Sean Brooks"
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This is headingLearn How To Profile A Personality To More Effectively Communicate & Learn The Power of a Mini Mastermind Event

This is an event you will not want to miss! Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur out of Myrtle Beach, SC and President of The Myrtle Beach Real Estate Investors Association, Sean Brooks, will be our Keynote Speaker at our April Event!

Sean is going to train us on Personality Profiling & is also going to hold a “Mini-Mastermind” to show us how we can all come together to elevate, teach, and create more, in our personal lives, and our businesses, together.

Personality profiling is one of the most effective things I have learned because it can be applicable to every single person you come in contact with. Imagine…What if you could know a couple things about someone, whether you have even met them or not, and instantly know exactly how to most effectively communicate with that person? It would be extremely powerful wouldn’t it!

You see, the are 4 different personality types, and in each person, 2 of these personality traits are dominate in each of us. We are going to have a live demonstration to find out what personality you are, and I am going to train you how to begin to “profile” people, so you know their personality. This is massively important in business, and simply just connecting with people. Each personality behaves and communicates very differently, and if you know how they like to be communicated with, don’t you think it would be much easier to do business, or get along with that person much better!?

How would you like to:
 Learn how to get better results in your personal and professional life
 Enjoy a fun and interactive atmosphere of learning
 Develop communication skills that will enhance any relationship
 Discover practical tools that are proven, effective and easily applied
 Enhance your team dynamics and client relationships
 Learn how to administer and use a Discovery Report online personality test
 Learn about topics such as communication skills, strengths and relationship development
And maybe the biggest advantage:
 How to decrease turnover by hiring the right person for the job! (yes it will be crystal clear which personality type you need to hire for specific jobs!) This is one of the biggest competitive advantages I have discovered!

I will also show you where you can take the actual “DISC test” to get the entire 45 page assesment of your personality! This test normally costs $75 but I am going to show you how to get it for free! And how you can use this test to administer to new employees or team members, so you can most effectively communicate with them and get them working at their peak performance (and make sure their personality fits the job!)

I am also going to break out and perform a “mini-mastermind” with all the participants of the event. This is one of the favorite things my group likes to do because they get so much value out of it. We will break into small groups, and I will facilitate exactly how it works. The whole point is to come together, to brainstorm ideas, breakthrough challenges, and figure out how we can help and/or create more in each and every person’s business and/or personal life.

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