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Wednesday 8/3/2016 Grecian Gardens 6:30 PM

Tonight one of our very own members who is very successful with his business model is going to spill the beans about what he does. Here’s a quick glimpse on how you can benefit from Duane’s teaching….. Imagine buying a house for $3500 and renting it out for $500 a month while having the government make the rent payment to you. In a nut shell that is what he does. Duane will be getting into his acquisition details as well as some of his operations. If you are still looking at ways to get started in real estate investing you won’t want to miss this event. The best part is that Duane is local so he is doing this money making strategy in our market.
Bring any DEALS you want to sell. Most of us that are attending are looking for deals to invest in.

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